High-quality stock pictures of Colombia by Joel Duncan for your website, blog or print. Pictures of Medellin, Cartagena, Coffee and more

Beautiful Colombia Stock Photos

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Are you looking for high-quality pictures of Colombia for your blog, website or to print for your wall? Well, look no further! Below you will find several galleries of photos of Colombia organized by region. Just select the photo(s ) you like and add them to your cart. You can choose whether you want to print  or just download the digital files. All you need to do is find the photo that you like and we'll do the rest.

Pictures of Medellin

Pictures of Medellin are rife with the colorful culture of a vibrant and joyful people. The City of Eternal Springtime offers beautiful balmy weather, a plethora of tropical vegetation and flowers, and an atmosphere of warm welcome that results in stunning photos of Medellin. From riveting photography of Colombia celebrations and parades to staggering landscapes and the genuine, open smiles of the local population, pictures of Medellin will lend a feel of vivid authenticity to your space.

Pictures of Cartagena Colombia

Pictures of Cartagena provide the sandy white beaches and tropical vegetation that you might expect, but the city is so much more than a beach. Cartagena’a history abounds with an evocative mix of indigenous culture and 18th-century Spanish influences. The result? Pictures of Cartagena that bring together the stunning facades of European architecture with the natural tropical landscapes of the Caribbean coast. This unique imagery, combined with the colorful culture and beautiful people that the country is famous for, will provide a range of delightful images of Colombia to bring into your spaces.

Pictures of Antioquia Colombia

Here you will find a wide variety of pictures of Antioquia, the home of Colombia’s rich Paisa culture. Within the Paisa tradition lies a distinctive array of food, architecture, and culture; even the people have their own unique Paisa accent! Naturally, pictures of Antioquia include the wildly colorful pueblos, where each house competes with the next in brilliant multi-colored hues, as well as the humble townspeople, who often walk the streets in the same style of dress their great-grandparents wore before them. Beyond the Paisas and pueblitos, Antioquia also offers Colombian photography of lush, green mountains and an incredible diversity of wildlife.

Colombian Coffee Pictures

Nestled throughout the foothills of several departments, pictures of the Colombia coffee region feature a charming mix of rolling green plantations, quaint old-world farms, and a rustic harvesting process that’s as old as the drink itself. Photos of the Colombian coffee process are arresting in their simple beauty; watch as modest farmers pick the beans by hand in lush fields; shuck, sort, and dry the beans; and finally transform them into the hot, dark brew that we all know and love. Pictures of Colombian coffee country are a rare and interesting way to bring rustic beauty into any space.

Carnaval de Barranquilla

The annual Carnaval de Barranquilla is Colombia's biggest and brightest festival.

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